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The top resource pool of top models. The inspirational basis of fashion service.

Paras, comes from Indonesian language, metaphors a hot stone on volcano top, as a symbol of forefront of burning heat and passion forever in fashion.


In 2002, the famous agent, Fang Hua founded Paras Talent Management in Shanghai, as well as set up Paras Training and Paras BJ in both 2009 and 2010. After years of hardening and development, Paras has become a fashion hub for professional model and designers. Paras, which equips the most sensitive commercial awareness, the most cutting-edge of innovation, the richest models collection shared with top players in the game, the most detail-oriented public relations, tailor-made modeling-agent services.


The rich and endless resource of the new generation of supermodel is the most treasured and the most competitive wealth of Paras. Through Paras’s “craftsmanship” of supermodel making, both long-standing fashion circles benchmarking figures such as Emma Pei, Grace Gao, Sissi Hou, Li Ai, Wei Jie, Wang Zhu Xiao Yin, Li Zhen as well as hot new listers like Alisa Zhang, Ma Huihui, Wang Yihui, John Lyu, Xu Tianqi, Liu Hao and Evan Fang, who draw the world of fashion’s attention through numerous of runway shows as well as the frequent appearance and exposure in front of cameras. Paras insists of the highest standard of professionalism, therefore provides considerable amount of fine talents in show directing, photography, styling.


As the strategic partner of Shanghai International Fashion Week, Paras successfully hosts Shanghai International Model Contest for 22 years. Our goal is to become the first-rate management company worldwide, and transform our models into the international fashion icons. Paras also curates KIDS WEAR for children’s fashion and International Kids Model Contest since 2015. Paras will devote the same enthusiasm this time to prepare for KIDS WEAR of this year, providing a colorful and perfect runway and mutual and organic experience for the fashion brand and press. Hope we can create a fascinating stage together!